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The Smaller Seaport Loft Won and We Think We Know Why

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And, now, the results of our latest Real Estate Deathmatch.

Two Seaport lofts stepped into the proverbial ring on Friday and now only one emerges victorious: Unit 803 at 25 Channel Center Street. Interestingly enough, at 2,103 square feet, the duplex was the smaller of the two similarly priced combatants.

But the 2-BR, 2.5-BA had an advantage: It's in a full-service, concierge building, while its bigger foe, the 3,038-square-foot Unit 314-315 at 21 Wormwood Street is not. We—and some of you—think that that's why the vote broke so decisively (57 percent to 43 percent) toward the loft at 25 Channel Center. Your thoughts? Does full-service matter that much?
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21 Wormwood Street

21 Wormwood Street, Boston, MA