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Coolest Man in Greater Boston Builds Out His Lighthouse

'Round about this time last year, Dave Waller won a government auction to buy the Graves Lighthouse (plus surroundings) with a final bid of $933,888. The visual-effects entrepreneur has since set about turning the 10-acre pile of land 9 miles off the Boston coastline into a family vacation home that also preserves the island's history. Waller recently told the Globe that if everything goes according to plan, he might even open the 111-year-old, 113-foot lighthouse to the public.

The Waller family has set up a website dedicated to Graves Island, its lighthouse and their efforts to make a go of it. Above is a recent shot from the site and their are plenty of interior photos that show just how much work has to be done before the place is truly habitable. If you want more than photos, there's also a YouTube channel. Stay tuned. This is so cool.
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