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12 Photographic Reasons 22 Chestnut Street Found a Buyer

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The opulent Beacon Hill townhouse at 22 Chestnut Street has been on the market since February 2013, when it dropped for $10,500,000. That gobsmacking tag instantly made the 8,239-square-foot, 7-BR, 5.5-BA mansion dating from 1823 one of the priciest listings on the entire Boston sales market. Yet there it remained, unloved, until April. It was then that $600,000 was lopped off said tag in one of the biggest price-chops of 2014 so far. The townhouse, with its four-car garage, elevator and six fireplaces, recently found a buyer. Whether 22 Chestnut actually goes for that $9,900,000 readjusted price remains to be seen. Stay tuned.
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