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The Wynn Casino-Resort Plan in Everett Until Yesterday

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Big news spilled forth on Tuesday afternoon as the Mass. Gaming Commission voted to give Greater Boston's sole casino-resort license to the Everett plan that Wynn Resorts put forward ages ago (it feels like). And what is said plan? Well, given Wynn's 11th-hour openness to altering the design of the would-be casino-resort, it's not entirely clear. Would those alterations impact the dimensions? The capacity? Stay tuned.

As it stands, the $1.6 billion project would include a five-star resort with more than 500 rooms, high-end retail and dining, ballroom and meeting space. It would spread over 30 acres of Mystic River waterfront and be integrated into said waterfront with paths to the harbor (and back) as well as more retail and dining, this time overlooking the river walk. There are also plans for custom-built catamarans to zip gamblers from the Seaport and downtown Boston.

Now, keep in mind, this could all be rendered moot should voters this year repeal the 2011 law O.K.'ing casinos in Mass. See you in early November.
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