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Plans for Globe Site in Dot; Who Rides Public Transit

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HUB-WIDE—Of course, the region is amongst the riding-est in America, given the ubiquity of the T (never mind the reliability): "The answer, according to Who's On Board: 2014 Mobility Attitudes Survey? Transit riders are disproportionately young, members of ethnic minorities, and—most important of all—they live in relatively dense neighborhoods where high-quality transit is available. The most important factor for them in choosing transit is travel time and reliability, not fancier amenities such as wifi." [City Lab]
DORCHESTER—Will residents have a say (or much of one)? "After years of "maybe it is, maybe it isn't" for sale, it appears that the Boston Globe property on Morrissey Boulevard is really on the market as a number of developers have prepared bids to purchase the site. The big question for its neighbors, of course, is what will replace the Globe?" [Globe]