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Pepe's Isn't Coming Yet; Where to Watch Football; More!

Time to grab a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

WASHINGTON SQUARE—Frank Pepe Pizzeria, the legendary New Haven chain, is not coming to Brookline after all — not yet, anyway. The plan to take over The Fireplace is now off the table as Fireplace owner Jim Solomon has decided to keep his restaurant open, but Pepe's is scouting other locations and eventually plans to open multiple spots in the Boston area.
BACK BAY—SELECT Oyster Bar is coming, and Neptune Oyster's Michael Serpa is involved. At this point it's not clear whether the project is connected to Neptune or if Serpa is striking out on his own.

HUB-WIDE—Fan of a non-Boston pro or college football team? Here's where your fellow fans gather for games.

BACK BAY—Bar Boulud is now open at the Mandarin Oriental.