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Two South End Condos. Almost Identical Sizes. Your Choice?

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Real Estate Deathmatch pits two homes from the same neighborhood/town against each other. We arm you with the facts and you imagine you have the money to purchase one or the other (come on, play along). Which would you buy? Polls open all weekend; results Monday. The contenders:

Address: 3 Wellington Street, #1
Price: $1,495,000
Size: 2-BR, 2-BA
Square Footage: 1,650
Things You Should Know: By 25 square feet, this garden duplex is the bigger of the two combatants (and we all know how expensive square feet in the South End can be!). It comes with a private garden and direct-access parking. The condo fee is $295.


Address: 219 Shawmut Avenue, #3
Price: $1,399,000
Size: 3-BR, 2-BA
Square Footage: 1,625
Things You Should Know: This is on one floor only and has direct elevator access as well as deeded parking (though it's not clear how many spaces). The condo fee is $519. There is a balcony.

Poll results

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