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Hubway Ridership Jump; Orange, Green Line Impact; More!

HUB-WIDE—Hubway riders notched more than 175,000 rides in August, more than in the bike-share system's entire first season in 2011. [Twitter]
SOMERVILLE—Everyone's talking about the economic impact of the new Assembly Orange Line station and the Green Line extension, including Somerville's mayor: "'Only 15 percent of Somerville's population was within half a mile of public transit,' Curtatone said. 'That will transform to 85 percent. That will serve as an economic catalyst.'" [Herald]
CHARLESTOWN—We imagine there are tons of messages like this hidden about the city: "Alex Robinson found the most Townie of messages under the floors of his own home. ... The message, written in pencil, read: 'And America at war to fight Germany. Threshold 5/10/41 by Albert Stella this floor was laid. Go fuck yourself.'" []

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