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South End Townhouse Has a Full Kitchen on the Roof

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What's better than one kitchen? Two kitchens. And what's better than two kitchens? Having one on the topmost floor that leads into your own private roof deck. (Of course, the inverse is true here, too: What's worse than having one or two kitchens to clean? Having one of those kitchens be up a flight of stairs.). The townhouse at 17 Lawrence Street has just such an accoutrement: a full kitchen (read: not just a wet bar) on the crowning story, right beside the private roof deck. The nine-room, 2,520-square-foot spread with bones in the 1860s also has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The whole shebang has been asking $1,850,000 since early May. But! It appears a deal is pending. Stay tuned.
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