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Now's Your Chance to Buy in Frank Gehry's Only Boston Design

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Boston's no stranger to serious starchitecture. Curiously enough, however, Greatest Living Architect and Simpsons guest star Frank Gehry has designed only one building in the entire city: the 2007 redevelopment of the luxury condo complex at 360 Newbury Street in the western reaches of Back Bay. And! Now's your chance to buy into it big-time: Unit 808, a 1,826-square-foot penthouse, is up for grabs. The condo itself was designed by Boston-based Meichi Peng and its clean airiness is unmistakable, not least because of its 18-foot ceilings. The 2-BR, 2-BA penthouse wants $1,980,000.
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360 Newbury Street

360 Newbury Street, Boston, MA