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Soccer, Wildlife, Housing: Ideas for Replacing Suffolk Downs

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Stung by the Mass. Gaming Commission's rejection of neighboring Revere as a casino-resort site, Suffolk Downs is preparing to close in early October. What might go up after the race track goes down? We put the question to readers through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline, and have gotten quite a few responses. Ideas range from a new Red Sox (or soccer) stadium to a nature preserve to a development of townhouse-style condos.

Here are the top suggestions so far. The tipline is still open (and, again, the bolder, the better).

· A future site of the NE Revolution. The Krafts have publicly said they want to build a soccer stadium and Boston would be an option. If they looked into developing one here, and you potentially add restaurants and stores around it like they've got around Gillette, you'd make it a real destination. The Revs are starting to get more popular and I think a stadium is needed for them. I can picture myself going with friends to a game on a Saturday night, grabbing some dinner first, then maybe hanging out getting drinks after (and, mind you, I've never gone to a Revs game before).
· A future site for a new Red Sox stadium. You'd have to imagine at some point the Sox will start looking at a new park. As much as I absolutely love Fenway and would hate to see it go, this seems like a good location. If you built up bars and restaurants nearby, and also added some residential housing around it, it'd really make the area attractive.
· Make it a golf course, either top-of-the-line that could attract a PGA tourney event, or make it mid-tier and affordable for boston residents - nice, but not so expensive you couldn't play for $75 on a weekend. The city is somewhat devoid of that. There's Granite Links in Quincy, which is nice, but $125 on a weekend, and outside of that a few city course options that aren't very nice.
· A true urban wild. The adjoining Belle Isle Marsh is Boston's last saltwater marsh and nature preserve. Tear everything down and let the marsh take over.
· On a more serious note, I would prefer something small and almost village-centered. Townhouse-size buildings ringing a small shopping area, rather than the six- to eight-story apartment buildings found in nearby Chelsea, or a Station Landing-style development.

Keep 'em coming.
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