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The 'Shackteau' Finally Sells; What $600K Can Buy; More!

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Let's check in with the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

WEST TISBURY—Martha's Vineyard's "shackteau" has finally found a buyer willing to part with millions of dollars (above). Clearly, someone really wants to go glamping.
CAPE COD—An oceanfront cottage in Sandwich, Circa 1890 meets 2014 in PTown, and a pond front PriceChopper Hall of Fame nominee from Brewster: Curbed Comparisons is checking out what $600,000 can buy around the Cape.

PROVINCETOWN—Behold, the most decorated condo in all of PTown has hit the market. The no-surface-left-behind abode can be yours for $375K.
MASHPEE—Here now, the McMansion of your dreams.