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Ginormous FiDi Tower Would Have Lots of Company

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Remember that gigantic tower slated late last decade for sites on Federal Street in the Financial District? The one stretching to 1,000 feet and designed by starchitect Renzo Piano? It's not gonna happen. But something damn near close might. The Globe's Casey Ross drops the news this morning that Steven Belkin, who controls sites at Nos. 115 and 133 Federal, has resurrected plans for what would be one of Boston's tallest buildings, period, as well as the second tallest of the new crop of spires popping up.

The 740-foot tower, to be called 111 Federal Street after the city-owned parking lot there, "would contain a wider range of uses, including a 300-room hotel, retail space, offices, and possibly 150 condominiums on the upper floors." Big caveat, though: Belkin hasn't made up his mind whether to include the condos—we think he will—and without those 111 Federal will stretch to 650 feet. If it goes to 740 feet, the tower will be the tallest of the new wave, besting the 699-footer slated for the Christian Science Plaza; if it goes to 650 feet, it will be just behind that one but ahead of such ballyhooed projects as the 625-foot Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing and the similarly tall Copley Place addition.

Belkin would like to start construction next fall, and he told Ross that he's already in talks with an anchor tenant for the office space. The economy got in the way of his last attempt (as did the FAA). Stay tuned.
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133 Federal Street

133 Federal Street, Boston, MA