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Leather District Loft w/ Higher Condo Fee, Lower Price Wins

And, now, the results of our latest Real Estate Deathmatch.

Unit 201 at 121 Beach Street and Unit 11-2 at 210 South Street both have two bedrooms. Both have two bathrooms. Both clock in at around 1,400 square feet give or take. Both are lofts in the Leather District. That's where the similarities end and where we think you started to make your decision in this Real Estate Deathmatch. The 121 Beach condo has a tag of $849,000, the 210 South one of $799,000; and the 121 Beach condo fee is $455, the 210 South $939. By a wide margin—67 percent vs. 33 percent—you picked Unit 11-2 at 210 South Street, the cheaper condo with the pricier fee. Mind you, this in a game premised on money being no object. Gotta love those concierge buildings.
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