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Bonkers North End Penthouse Not That Bonkers Expensive

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The last time Unit 7 at 69 North Margin Street was up for grabs was late 1998/early 1999, when it traded for a measly $63,000. A lot's changed in the North End and in the condo itself. The capacious 2-BR, 2-BA (it's got 12-foot ceilings) has been redone to resemble, as the Otis & Ahearn listing puts it, "a small Italian villa" in its ambiance. And, hey, it comes with a private deck, a bank of floor-to-ceiling street-facing windows and a steam room.
The whole 1,056-square-foot shebang was recently listed for $998,000—or a not-crazy (we think) $945 a square foot.
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