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If Boston Canals Don't Work, There Are Always Floating Homes

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The Globe's Casey Ross has the details on a recent Urban Land Institute report that calls for canals through Back Bay, among other recommendations, in order to deal with rising sea levels due to climate change. The ocean/harbor is expected to rise more than 7 feet by the 22nd century (you can see the dire consequences for the Seaport and its sacred Innovation District rendered above). There are other ideas, though, besides turning Boston's toniest 'hood into a Venice on the Charles, however romantic that might be.

We refer you back to the Floatyard, which Brian Healy of the architectural firm Perkins + Will proposed in early 2013. Rather than simply accommodate the rising tides, it would would loom above them off the Charlestown Navy Yard, offering a communal courtyard and 100 residences (and, of course, ocean views; it's rendered above). Far-fetched? Perhaps. Got a better idea? Hit us up on the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.
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Charlestown Navy Yard

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