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North Cambridge's New Hotel; Brookline's Fence Viewer

NORTH CAMBRIDGE—It would be one of those hip AC Hotels by Marriott and would go toward boosting the room supply in the People's Republic: "There was only mild opposition Tuesday to a plan to bring a 150-room hotel to Route 2, but lots of interest in seeing the developers move the hotel away from the road and back toward the urban wilds reclaimed over the past several years along the Little River." [Day]
BROOKLINE—It goes way back to cattle-rustling days: "That's because Ditto, who serves as Brookline's director of engineering, is also the town's 'fence viewer,' an antiquated title that he hasn't had to use since he was given it in 1992. But back in the 1600-1800s, a fence viewer was crucial in settling arguments between property owners over fence maintenance and construction." [Tab]