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Six Greater Boston Spots Transforming Before Our Eyes

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The South End's Northeast
So much is going on and up in this slice of the South End that it's almost difficult to keep track. Let's run the tables: the Ink Block mega-project on the old Boston Herald site, which includes the fast-selling Sepia Boston condos (pictured); the 160-unit 600 Harrison Avenue; the 602-unit 345 Harrison Avenue; the 378-unit Troy Boston at 275 Albany Street; and the conversion (in more ways than one) of 775 Harrison Avenue into apartments. Oh, and the area's getting a Whole Foods. Nothing more transformative than that.

North Cambridge Around Alewife
The development wave around the last stop on the Red Line started to crest in the last half of 2012, as a plethora of projects inched toward their groundbreakings, completions or approvals. These included the 227-unit Residences at Alewife; the 428-unit Atmark Cambridge (its bocce court is picture above); and the 244-unit 165 Cambridgepark Drive. All totaled, these and other developments are spilling more than 1,200 new apartments onto the Alewife area market. That's not only a lot of new tenants but a lot of Cantabrigians. Can the notoriously change-averse city adapt and absorb? Stay tuned.

Southie's D Street Corridor
'Tis no more game-change-y neighborhood in the City of Boston right now than South Boston. So much of the focus of that change has been along the waterfront and in areas such as Fort Point and the waterfront. But! Along D Street, around the convention center, hotels are going up; a temporary park is making people rethink the use of unused urban space; and condos as well as apartments are open for business, including the Flats on D (its bocce ball court is rendered above). Old Southie will never be the same.

Brighton at Everett Street and the Mass. Pike
This is one case of transformation by a single development. Whatta development, though! The mammoth Boston Landing, now under way and rendered above, will spawn (deep breath) a 250,000-square-foot HQ for the New Balance shoe empire; a 345,000-square-foot sports complex with an NHL-regulation arena; a 175-room hotel; up to 650,000 square feet of office space spread amongst three buildings; 1,750 parking spaces; and 65,000 square feet of retail. It might also include up to 295,000 square feet of residential space at 125 Guest Street. Oh, and Boston Landing birthed another commuter rail stop. Enough to make Brighton Boston's next It Neighborhood, and certainly one of the biggest single developments beyond the city's core in years.

The Area Around North Station
It's not just the ginormous Nashua Street Residences behind TD Garden, though that's big enough to alter the entire area's ecosystem: 415 feet of more than 500 condos or apartments (only the invisible hand knows), making it one of Boston's tallest residential spires in ages. But! There's also the trio of towers going up at the old Garden site, including a 600-foot godzilla with 497 residential units; the other, shorter towers would contain hotel rooms and office space; all totaled we're talking 1.2 million square feet of new space. Finally! Nearby is the massive redevelopment planned for the Government Center Garage (rendered above), which would add 771 apartments and condominiums, a 204-room hotel and 1.3 million square feet of office space.

All of Somerville
Orange Line. Green Line. Online. 'Nuff said.
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[Renderings via CBT Architects; Neoscape; Elkus Manfredi; the Boston Redevelopment Authority]

TD Garden

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275 Albany Street

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