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Off-Centre Lofts Leasing; Assembly T Stop; Walking Boston

JAMAICA PLAIN—The 21 new apartments at the Off Centre Lofts are going like hot cakes! "Sixteen of the units have been rented, some to locals but many to professionals relocating to Boston." [Herald]
SOMERVILLE—Mayor Joe Curtatone on the deeper meaning of the new Assembly T stop: "Housing is another key component. Greater Boston needs another 435,000 units of housing. It is absurd how out of whack our housing supply is with demand. New housing and new transportation should go hand-in-hand, connecting people to jobs, education, and health care." [CommonWealth]
BOSTON—'Bout damn time! "On Sept. 15, workers from the Office of Neighborhood Services will begin walking every last inch of the 850 miles of streets in Boston, to catalog everything they can find as part of a citywide 'audit,' Mayor Walsh announced today." [Hub]

Assembly Square Mall

177 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA