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Not a Lotta Love for Southie 2-BRs in Gladiatorial Ring

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And, now, the results of our latest Real Estate Deathmatch.

Despite the new-construction 2-BR, 2-BA at 687 East Second Street edging the older 2-BR, 2-BA at 881 East First Street roughly 56 percent to 44 percent, some of you took the time to note that you hated both for different reasons.
· "I can not fathom anybody paying that kind of money for those kinds of houses in that location. Absolutely insane, but I suppose they don't know any better."
· "The outside of the first one is awful, such a weird mix of different facades like it can't make up its mind. But the interior of the second one is equally unpleasant, and I'll be living in the interior, not the exterior, so #1 wins for me. Plus new construction trumps 100+ year old construction for my money."
· "I would go for the old brick building from a building envelope standpoint. the new boxy condos (that all look the same) have crappy windows, siding and flashing details. You see some of these being resided and flashed only after 5 years because of water problems. The architects of these new 'luxury' condos aren't winning any architectural awards and could care less if they do."
Maybe we should include a None of the Above option from now on?
· Our Real Estate Deathmatch archive [Curbed Boston]