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Meet Congress Square; Greet the Stairs of Fabulousness

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—The people who brought you the Clarendon (and who are bringing you parking-less Lovejoy Wharf) want to bring you Congress Square, a gigantic commercial complex bordered by State, Devonshire, Water, and Congress streets. "The centerpiece of Related Beal's plan is the redevelopment of Quaker Lane into a new retail magnet that would fill the void between Faneuil Hall, Downtown Crossing, and Post Office Square. The street—now a quiet alley between Congress and Washington—would get a mix of restaurants, stores, and other attractions." [Globe]
DOWNTOWN BOSTON—The same artist creating the world's biggest tattoo in Eastie is installing the Stairs of Fabulousness right now at City Hall. [Boston Mag]

Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA

Boston City Hall

1 City Hall Square, , MA 02201 Visit Website