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Is This the Most Ironically Named Condo Building in Boston?

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The Basilica is a 92-unit condo building at 106 13th Street in ever-evolving Charlestown. It's also rather ironically named. "Basilica" connotes soaring ceilings and capacious space. Think St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, say—now there's some spacious real estate, friends. Yet the Navy Yard building's units appear to be low-ceilinged affairs, with no condo bigger than 1,077 square feet to boot. Take the above photo, which we took from the listing for Unit 111 at the Basilica. It recently asked $399,000. The low ceilings didn't cramp the 2-BR, 1-BA 862-square-footer's sales style, apparently: It went for that exact asking price. And it went rather fast, officially trading after only 36 days on the market. Must be Boston's soaring condo market, eh?
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