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Park(ing) Day in 10 Days; Boston Electric Bikes; More!

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CAMBRIDGE/SOMERVILLE—Broker Charles Cherney has new interactive maps out on the cities' neighborhoods. Never confuse Neighborhood 9 and Area 4 again. []
CAMBRIDGE—It's only 10 days until Park(ing) Day, didn't you know, and Mayor David Maher is going to put one space to good use: "He will be collecting donations of nutritious, non-perishable items in the Mayor's Office on the second floor of City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square, during regular City Hall hours, and on a nearby city street Sept. 19 for Park(ing) Day." [Day]
SOUTH BOSTON—There's now an electric-bike store in the city because... bikes! "'We're the first brick and mortar shop in Boston,' Elias Moe, 34, an operations engineer at NexGen Bicycles at 121 Boylston Street, said. Moe partnered with Bill Stevens, another Boston resident and NexGen's owner, to start the store." [Beta Boston]