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What Around $1,000,000 Buys You in Boston

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It's a magic number in any real estate market anywhere in the U.S. of A.: $1,000,000. In Boston, though, the exact amount is elusive. But! Several listings at any one time usually flirt with $1M—and now is one of those times.

Let's start our trip through five different neighborhoods with Unit 509 at the under-construction Sepia Boston in that game-change-y northeastern slice of the South End. It's a 2-BR, 1-BA spread over 950 square feet—and it comes with direct underground access (as do all the Sepia's units) to the future Whole Foods there. Asking price: $999,900.


If we go a little north of $1,000,000, to $1,075,000, we get to Unit 3 at 9 Joy Street in Beacon Hill. It's a 2-BR, 1-BA duplex penthouse spread over 1,250 square feet. It comes with a private deck, too.

Staying at the same price point, $1,075,000, we find a gorgeously apportioned, 12-room single-family at 31 Hampstead Road in Jamaica Plain: Six bedrooms, three full bathrooms, 4,040 square feet.

Now on to Southie, where we find that $1,095,000 gets you a new-construction, townhouse-style condo at 49 L Street. Unit 9 is 3-BR, 2.5-BA spread over 1,909 square feet. There it is on the left above.

Let's end back at $999,900 and right back at the Sepia Boston: Unit 2 there is a 2-BR, 2-BA spread over 1,169 square feet. The Sepia's oh-so-hip rooftop rendered above.
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