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Olympic Transit Changes; M.I.T. Demolition; Foreign Buyers

HUB-WIDE—Here are some suggestions for tweaking transit to fit the Olympics, including extending the Orange Line: "Orange Line trains would subsequently continue onwards through the Silver Line's existing tunnels, stopping at Courthouse and World Trade Center stations; Silver Line Way would be eliminated." [Boston Streetcars]
BOSTON—Foreigners are snapping up commercial real estate just like they're snapping up homes here: "The proportion of foreign investment has nearly doubled in the past year: Foreign investors accounted for about 30 percent of the approximately $14.4 billion in real estate transactions that were $2.5 million or greater last year, excluding homes, according to Real Capital Analytics, a New York commercial real estate data firm. That's up from about 16.5 percent of the $11.02 billion in 2013 transactions." [Herald]

EAST CAMBRIDGE—The hall has been closed since the spring of 2013: "The Massachusetts Institute of Technology got the go-ahead Thursday to demolish one of its undergraduate dormitories, the 104-year-old Bexley Hall, after telling the Cambridge Historical Commission that 'the building is falling apart" and that it "couldn't come up with a real plan that worked for repairing the building.'" [Day]


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA