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All Olympics Edition! Boston as Winter Site; Hosting Costs; Aid

HUB-WIDE—Let's be realistic here: "There's no evidence that says hosting the Olympics pays off economically. In fact, the New York Times said just the opposite in an August op-ed that looked at Brazil's increasingly costly infrastructure initiatives for last year's World Cup and 2016 Games, which are now projected to top $25 billion." [BostInno]
BOSTON/WASHINGTON—Given this cost: "Backers of a Boston 2024 Olympics have downplayed the need for public money but, based on past budgets and security needs, the city would likely need at least a billion dollars in federal taxpayer support — and perhaps far more." [Globe]

HUB-WIDE—If the costs prove too high or the region otherwise doesn't land the 2024 Summer Olympics... "How about Boston as a winter site? With TD Garden and the four Beanpot rinks, all of the ice sports except for long-track speedskating would be taken care of. Fenway Park or Harvard Stadium would be intriguing places for opening ceremonies. There are plenty of snow options in northern New England (several resorts have hosted World Cup events in the past), and Killington's downhill, while not in the same class as those in the Alps and Rockies, would meet the minimum standards." [Globe]