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The Transit-Oriented Apartment Complex Pitched for Brighton

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For a time there, Brighton seemed like the next It Neighborhood in Boston, what with Boston Landing and other recent developments such as 375 Market Street. The sizzle has yet to fully rise, however, though that hasn't stopped the march of the area's desirability for developers. Case in point: Allston-based builder Partners Properties wants to redevelop the aged medical building at 1505 Commonwealth Avenue.

The redone building would contain 84 apartments as well as 74 parking spaces, with the vast majority of the current property left intact and 8,000 square feet built new, including a fresh facade. If the number of parking spaces seems scandalously low for Boston, where 1-unit-to-1-space is the normal ratio, then it's perhaps because of the nearby Warren Street and Washington Street Green Line stops. Per Catherine Carlock at the Business Journal, Partners says "many tenants will choose to live in this location because they can conveniently walk to work or nearby public transportation." It's all in the proposal phase, but Boston needs the apartments yesterday. Stay tuned.
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