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Boozing the Way to a More Youthful Boston; City Hall Plaza

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BOSTON—Mayor Marty Walsh has put out the bat signal for ideas on how to redesign or reuse the 7-acre tundra that is City Hall Plaza: "A request for information (RFI) was issued to best gather all of the information needed to conceive concepts and ideas for the open space. [D]epending on the type of data the city is able to muster, spearheading the endeavor could be a community leader, urban planner or full-blown company." [BostInno]
BOSTON—The Globe polled 10 "thinkers" on what would make the city more appealing to young professionals and their solutions were thus: booze and more access to booze. Seriously, though, they also talked about better public transit—for getting back and forth from bars. [Globe]