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Where Are the New Boston Condos? Openings Scarce in '15

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A week and a half ago we mapped the many major apartment-building openings scheduled for Boston in 2015, led by the 398-unit AVA Theater District. We then set about building a map of all the major condo-building openings scheduled for Boston in 2015. And you what? We found exactly one.

The one big opening is that of the 83-unit Sepia Boston (rendered), part of the Ink Block behemoth in the South End. It's already mostly sold out, with units trading for an impressive $1,000-plus per square foot. Otherwise, though, it doesn't look like Boston will host the opening this year of any condo complexes with, say, more than 50 units. (Are we wrong? Let us know through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.) Remember: Creations such as Millennium Tower and Lovejoy Wharf are slated for 2016 debuts.

Boston, of course, could use any new condos it gets. The city suffers from an infamously low inventory of for-sale homes, condos in particular. This dearth goes a long way toward explaining the seemingly ever-escalating prices of those units already (rarely) available. To be fair, it would take a dozen or more Sepia Bostons to ameliorate the situation; so it's not like one or two more major complexes in 2015 would make a sudden difference. Still.
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[H/t John A. Keith]

The Ink Block

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