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Best Meals of '14; Fave Neighborhoods; Luke's Lobsters; More!

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Let's grab a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Friends of Eater name the best plates consumed this year. Answers range from tasting menus to udon noodles.
HUB-WIDE—Which Boston neighborhood saw the most growth this year? Industry experts try to figure out if Allston, Back Bay, or Union Square is a more exciting dining destination.

BACK BAY—New York-based Luke's Lobster has an eye on Boston, but nothing concrete yet. They've got zoning paperwork in, but they are months out from deciding if they'll make a move.
HUB-WIDE—Mobile waffles will soon be a reality, when the Zinneken's food truck hits the streets tomorrow. The mobile kitchen claims they will serve "Belgian waffles made by actual Belgians."