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Greater Boston's 2014 Neighborhood of the Year: Dorchester!

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In a remarkable run that saw it bump off 2013's runner-up, Jamaica Plain, as well as perennial favorites Charlestown and the South End, Dorchester has won the fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup and shall henceforth be known for the next 12 months as the region's Neighborhood of the Year. Indeed! The largest neighborhood by area in Boston (and some would say the city's coolest and most diverse) held off a surging Assembly Row in the finals, ultimately capturing more than 55 percent of the vote. Both neighborhoods were Cinderella stories in their own rights: the 15th and 16th seeds that showed little to no traction in earlier Curbed Boston Cups (Somerville's Assembly Row didn't even make the bracket until this go-round). But there they were as of New Year's Eve. And here now is Dot by itself. Champion.
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