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Kendall Square Rezoning; Dudley Square Architect

DUDLEY SQUARE—The Globe's Linda Matchan catches up with Francine Houben, the Dutch architect who drove the design of Roxbury's game-change-y Bruce C. Bolling Building: "It incorporates the facades of three buildings more than a century old, including the iconic Ferdinand furniture building, which has been vacant for 40 years. It is infused with light, thanks to a multitude of windows, glass walls, and open work stations. There are 'alternative' desk spaces for workers who want a change of scenery, and a roof garden with a panoramic view of Boston's skyline." [Globe]
KENDALL SQUARE—A rezoning is moving forward for a 14-acre expanse centered around the Volpe transportation offices: "Residential also increases by 33 percent, to 1.3 million square feet from 1 million. Maximum height on most of the parcel goes to 250 feet, up from between 65 to 120. The changes promote middle-income housing space by allowing greater height (300 feet), and support startup innovation space with exemptions from floor-area limitations." [Day]

Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA