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Take a 3D Peek Inside the Seaport District's FP3 Building

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The future is here: Above is a three-dimensional look inside a new listing in the always-buzzy Seaport District's FP3 building, courtesy of brokerage Warren Residential. It puts even the most gobsmacking listing photos to shame by virtually taking you inside No. 108, a 936-square-foot studio. Think Google Street View. Instead of moving down the block, however, you're moving through the living room. Tap the icons to the lower left to navigate; and, for added fun, click here to go virtually through FP3's lobby.

Unit 108 is asking $724,900. It comes with a space-creating Murphy bed as well as a 150-square-foot private patio and one garaged parking space.
· Listing: 346 Congress Street, #108 [Warren]
· Fifth Building at Boston's Gigantic Fan Pier Tops Off [Curbed Boston]


346 Congress Street, Boston, MA