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Boston's One-to-One Apartment-Parking Ratio Will Never Die

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For eons the one-to-one parking-housing ratio has held forth in Boston development. That is, each new unit of housing, whether condo or apartment, demands one parking space for the theoretical owner or tenant. Despite a tightly packed populace amid a convenient, if occasionally blinkered, mass-transit (and bike-sharing) system, that ratio continues to hold on like some ancient writ everyone knows isn't applicable to the modern world but can't bring themselves to reject, however hard they try. Case in point: the new development proposed for 248 Dorchester Avenue in ever-changing Southie.

The six-story project would add 33 apartments as well as 4,400 square feet of retail to a site along Dot Ave. that's barely a five-minute walk from the Broadway T stop. Yet plans for the development currently call for 33 on-site parking spaces. One-to-one. Again. The Boston Redevelopment Authority is still reviewing 248 Dorchester, so things might change. Stay tuned.
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