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How Millennium Tower's Buyers Will Get Their Fancy Views

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The gigantic spire that is Millennium Tower is rising rapidly in the heart of Downtown Crossing; and sales have commenced amid a flurry of epic listings. These listings, of course, include the $37.5M floor-through penthouse. They also include one for Unit 4806, a 2,663-square-foot spread that will share part of the 48th floor of the 60-story tower and that's asking a mere $5.25M. Its floorplan (above) illustrates how the building will deliver views to buyers who damn well likely expect them given the price tags. Angles in the exterior create instant window space. Check out the middle bottom of the floorplan, between the living room and the master bedroom.

Unit 5105, a 2,196-square-foot spread on (you guessed it) the 51st floor, benefits from much the same thing. It's fitted into a corner such that two sharp angles give it that much more window. This particular spread is asking $4.05M. Which is cheap by Millennium Tower standards.
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