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Inman Square as Hottest 'Hood; Cambridge as Best-Dressed

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INMAN SQUARE—What will be the hottest neighborhood of 2015 in our fair region? Why, Inman Square in Cambridge, of course! "The area is near the heart of Boston and has long had highly rated schools, but now also has lots of popular restaurants, shops and bars. Buyers are now actively seeking out Inman Square as a top choice to live, which has not always been the case." West Medford is going to be pretty damn hot, too. [Redfin]
CAMBRIDGE—The city for some reason(s) ended up on Movoto's "Best-Dressed Suburbs in America" list: "Cambridge? Cambridge, Mass.? In the United States? Either the fashion industry is in worse shape than suspected, or something is way off here." [Movoto; Day]