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'Beware of Sharks' Warns Newly Listed Newbury 1-BR

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Sellers don't really need an edge in today's go-go Boston housing market. Condos, especially, just tend to fly off the shelves in a frenzy of bidding wars and over-asks. Yet, this recently listed 1-BR, 1-BA at 294 Newbury Street in Back Bay really puts itself out there: The photos for it lead with a shot of a narrow living room dominated by a black-and-white sign boldly declaring "Beware of Sharks." Good advice? Sure. Good marketing? You're reading this. The listing photos for the 627-square-foot Unit 3A also feature a portrait of a pipe-chomping sea-captain type. It's asking $825,000—or a hefty $1,315.79 a square foot—through Gibson Sotheby's William Montero. Yar!
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