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The many real estate adventures of Tom Brady

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The big game is upon us, so we're catching Super Bowl Fever!

The symptoms? A powerful thirst for the real estate lowdown on the immortal Patriots as well as our fair region's pro sports in general. First up: a look at the real estate adventures of Greatest Living QuarterbackTM Tom Brady. From New York to Brookline to Back Bay to L.A. (and back), No. 12 has traded and built some hot properties.

A Suite Setup at the Burrage House
Tom Brady's first big condo sale in Boston was not at 310 Beacon Street (see below), though that gobbled quite a bit of publicity. No, he first waded into the local real estate jungle with the trade of his 3,412-square-foot, 3-BR, 3.5-BA pad at the Burrage House at 314 Commonwealth Avenue. Brady bought it in June 2004 for $4,125,000 and nabbed $5,285,000 for it in February 2008, the same month the Giants upset the Pats in Super Bowl XLII. As you can see from the floorplan above, it was quite the condo (the master suite has its own "master suite foyer").
Trying and Trying Again at 310 Beacon Street
It took Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen a while to sell their triplex (or, if you prefer, quadruplex) penthouse at 310 Beacon Street in Back Bay. They originally listed it in 2009, the year they married, for a cool $10,900,000. Then they took it off the market; and then put it back on (see below) for $10.5M in late 2011. The $400,000 price-chop did little to move the 3-BR, 3.5-BA, however: It pretty much rode out 2011 and then much of 2012. Then! In the summer of that year, the couple found a buyer. The $9,271,000 trade was well off the nearly $11M that Tomsele originally wanted; but it was still more than enough to be one of Boston's biggest trades of 2012.

Trying La-La Land
Why sell in Back Bay in the first place? Even before the deal at 310 Beacon went down, Brady and Bundchen were already building a mammoth castle in Los Angeles' Brentwood neighborhood: 22,000 square feet; eight bedrooms; a six-car garage; a lagoon-shaped swimming pool; a butler's room; Arnold Schwarzenegger as a neighbor; yada yada. It seemed the pair were leaving the East Coast for good, at least personally. And then. The rumor mill cranked out speculation that Brady and co. were, in fact, relocating just like that back to the Boston area. (They would sell the freshly built palace to rap legend Dr. Dre in the summer of 2014 for $40,000,000.)

Robert Kraft, Neighbor
The speculation (plus public records) pegged Tomsele building another mansion in Brookline. And not just any old area of Brookline: The new home would be on a 5.2-acre parcel next to Patriots owner Bob Kraft's place. By late 2013, the details were pretty clear about the new estate. It will unfold over 14,371 square feet and include flourishes such as a library with a balcony overlooking the gym; a chef's kitchen; a yoga studio; a wine storage room; and guest quarters over the garage. Unlike the L.A. mansion, though, there will be no moat in Chestnut Hill.

Back to Back Bay
All this while, the couple has rented their old 310 Beacon spread (they also have a sky palace in Manhattan). The Back Bay penthouse with private roof deck, however, recently hit the rental market for $35,000 a month, suggesting that Brady and Bundchen have, in fact, finally vacated it. Not that we're trying to find out or anything.
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310 Beacon Street

310 Beacon Street, Boston, MA