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Snowmageddon Food Spots; Secret Longfellow Trophy Room

HUB-WIDE—Head on over the our pisan site Eater Boston for info on which eateries are open amid the Snowmageddon. But remember! "A statewide travel ban is currently in effect, and there is no MBTA service today, so it's your feet or nothing. You should probably stay at home or at least close by." [Eater Boston]
BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—There is some kind of secret trophy room underneath the Longfellow Bridge: "Upon stumbling upon it, you might imagine a story of a college athlete who fell from society's grace, but rumour has it, this unusual sight is actually an art installation that just 'popped up' in May of 2014 and has been steadily expanding and attracting visitors who sometimes add their own trophies to the collection." [Messy Nessy]