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Why Won't Somebody Buy 5 Byron Street and Its Zen Garden?

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Unit 5 at 5 Byron Street in Beacon Hill has been on the sales market more than a year now, which is an eternity in the uber-frenetic Boston condo market. With flourishes such as a loft-style office and a two-story living room, it's quite a masterpiece of airiness (Cambridge-based architect Graham Gund designed the place). There's also an attached two-car garage as well as a private roof deck with a Zen garden. The 5,323-square-foot, 3-BR, 4.5-BA spread has been up for grabs through Gibson Sotheby's since early January 2014. The whole time it's been asking $6,950,000. That makes its asking price per square foot a rather sizable $1,305.65. Perhaps it's the moment for some price-chopping?
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