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Super Bowl Shuffle: What Boston's Median Price Buys in Seattle

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'Tis only a few days until the Super Bowl and that got us to thinking: Supposing you were thinking of buying in the Seahawks' host city of Seattle? And supposing you were going to spend the median sales price in Boston? What could you get? Well, we decided to find out. According to our pals at Zillow, the current Boston median sales price is $437,335. Here's how far that goes in Washington State's biggest city, give or take.


4077 Letitia Avenue South
A 3-BR townhouse with more than 2,100 square feet and one garaged parking space.

2919 West Hayes Street
An entire 1,660-square-foot house with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a yard.

1006 NE 96th Street
The 3-BR, 2-BA, 1,418-square-foot, end-unit townhouse is painted purple on the outside.

4207 SW Manning Street
A 3-BR single-family with 1,320 square feet and a yard.

2120 East Fir Street
That is not a misspelling: There is a Fir Street in Seattle (as in the tree). This 3-BR, 2-BA, 1,510-square-foot apartment on it is being sold as an investment property.

1629 23rd Avenue
Billed as a brand-new cottage, it's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,020 square feet.
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