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Boston Cream Pie; Super Bowl Eats; City Landing; More!

Time to grab a bite of foodie news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Today's the last day of Classics Week on Eater. Catch up on all the old restaurant nostalgia, from chefs' childhood dining memories to a survey of restaurant industry veterans on how the industry has changed over the years. Also: the history of Boston cream pie, 25 of Boston's most "classic" restaurants, a look at the past and present of Kowloon, and lots more.
HUB-WIDE—In case you somehow forgot, the Super Bowl is Sunday. Here are a variety of things you may want to eat while you watch.

WATERFRONTThe Grafton Group, which operates four restaurants in Harvard Square (well, one's closer to Porter), is crossing the river to take over the recently-shuttered City Landing space. While they're working under the name "Old Atlantic Tavern" as they go through the licensing process, that's not the final name.
WORCESTER—A pair from the Ribelle/Strip-T's camp, Jared Forman and Sean Woods, are bidding adieu to Boston to open a restaurant called Deadhorse Hill on Worcester Common this spring.