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Gaming Panel Strikes Back; Boston Running Paths; More!

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HUB-WIDE—Above is a nifty heatmap of the most popular running routes in the Boston region per Mapbox and Grist. [Boston Mag]
BOSTON—Saving a parking space in the city doesn't have to be merciless game—it doesn't have to be at all: "'Nobody wants this nastiness. It's antithetical to the neighborly approach we're trying to encourage,' Stephen Fox, co-chair of the community group South End Forum, told the Globe. 'South Enders believe that the streets are a public resource and nobody has a right to claim them.' It's not entirely clear there will be the resources to enforce this ban, but give the South End credit for trying to adopt a more civil approach." [Globe]
EVERETT/BOSTON—The state is not taking Boston's new lawsuit against the Everett casino laying down: "Massachusetts Gaming Commission spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said in a statement that while the commission had yet to review the lawsuit, the issues raised by the city have already been addressed 'multiple times in a public and transparent manner.'" []