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Where Boston Apartment Rents Are Highest and Lowest

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'Tis a new year and a time for engaging in that most Boston of pastimes: fretting a spring or summer apartment move in this Thunderdome of a market. Luckily, to aid your next search, we have the latest hard median rental numbers by neighborhood and by size from our pals at Zumper. The numbers are from December; and you can also see whether rents went up, down or stayed the same from November or from the third quarter. Leading the way in 1-BRs is the Leather District/Chinatown in downtown Boston, with a median rent in December of $3,280 (the area was also priciest for 2-BRs and for all vacant and available apartments taken together). After the jump, too, you can see how Boston stacks up against other cities such as New York, Chicago and D.C.

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