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Pet-Friendliest Neighborhoods for Renters in Greater Boston

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The nifty map above comes courtesy of our pals at HotPads. It shows which neighborhoods are the pet-friendliest and which are the least friendly toward Fido and Snookums. How did the listings-search site determine pet-friendliness? The greener the neighborhood, the more listings that are amenable to pets in the form of breaks such as no or low extra costs; the redder the neighborhood, the fewer listings amenable.

The chart above shows how the Boston area stacks up against other U.S. metros in terms of tenant fees for keeping a pet. As you can see, your landlord will basically pay you. A HotPads rep has this explanation: "This could be because the units there are more expensive already so the landlords are more lenient and want people in the buildings right away so they don't charge more for a pet, or the buildings that are pet friendly are older and thus priced lower on the market, etc." Note, though: The data does not take into account other costs of having a pet, such as walking services and deposits with landlords. That's on you. (As for pet-friendliest Hub hotels, check this out.)
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