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Where Boston's Foreign Home Buyers Are Coming From

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The above chart comes courtesy of Gibson Sotheby's. It contains a sampling of where the brokerage's international clients came from in 2014, and which properties they bought. You'll notice most of the foreign buyers noted hail from China. Perhaps it's due to last summer's debut of a nonstop flight between Logan and Beijing? Curiously enough, Austrians seem to have a certain liebe for Charlestown's Eighth Street. And at least one of the recent buyers in the under-construction Millennium Tower comes courtesy of Bermuda.

Here's Gibson Sotheby's take: "The surge of luxury properties in Boston has been catching and keeping the attention of international buyers. Recent trends show that international buyers are motivated by Massachusetts' improving economy, school systems and new direct connection flights from Logan to various locations in the world. Asian buyers, specifically Chinese, are on the rise here in the Hub."
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Millennium Tower

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