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Former Jamaica Plain Brewery Yields Fast Trade for Lots Over

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'Tis no secret that several of Boston's former breweries—and there were tons pre-Prohibition—enjoy second acts as residences and offices. One such is the ornately turreted Jamaica Plain building at 251 Heath Street, which once housed the American Brewing Co. (it went under just after Repeal in 1933). The 1890s property has long been known as the American Brewery Lofts; and its original capaciousness is evident in the airiness of the condos there. Case in point: the 1-BR, 2-BA, 1,008-square-foot Unit 203. It hit the market in mid-September for $469,000. The spread went almost instantaneously, going to contract shortly after its debut and then closing Saturday for a cool $485,000—or $16K over the original asking.
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