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More Lewis Wharf Sounding-Off; New Roslindale Condos

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ROSLINDALE—A South Boston-based developer wants "to construct the $4 million, two-building complex at 20 Taft Hill Park and 20 Taft Hill Terrace." There would be 19 condos total and 19 parking spaces as well, even though the development would be in walking distance of the Roslindale Village commuter-rail station. [Herald]
NORTH END/WATERFRONT—The proposed Lewis Wharf hotel keeps on causing a kerfuffle: "An online petition titled 'Save Our North End Waterfront' has received more than 1,000 signatures. The petition lays out 10 points of contention about the project, saying it would 'wall off the waterfront,' 'increase traffic and public hazards' and 'harm existing public amenities,' among other arguments." [Biz Journal]