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New Somerville Condos Near Union Square: What They Go For

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Way back in April, the 11 high-ceiling, open-floor condos at the converted 211 Tremont Street near busy, busy Somerville's busy, busy Union Square (and its maybe-some-day Green Line stop) hit the sales market with prices ranging from $779,000 to $1,099,000. Deals have started to happen.

At least three condos have closed in the development, which is called Two Squares Lofts and which should be move-in ready by next summer. Here they are:
· Unit 6 is a 2-BR, 2.5-BA spread over 1,955 square feet that went for $989,000, its original asking price.
· Unit 5 is a 2-BR, 2.5-BA condo that covers 1,981 square feet. It went for $957,498, below its asking of $989K.
· Finally, Unit 11 is a 2-BR, 2.5-BA spread over 2,253 square feet. It had been asking $1,099,000 and it got just that.
Other units at 211 Tremont are under contract. Stay tuned.
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