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This Flagship Wharf PH Just Lopped Its Price Seven Figures

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The 14-room, 4,529-square-foot Penthouse 6 at Flagship Wharf on the Charlestown waterfront was originally listed in early May for a cool $8,200,000. That instantly made the duplex with a working fireplace in the master bathroom and four garaged parking spaces one of the most expensive listings on the Boston market. Well, the price has just come down quite significantly. In fact, we think this may represent the single biggest price-chop of 2015 in terms of total dollars. As of a week ago, it turns out that the 5-BR, 4.5-BA penthouse is asking $6,700,000. That is a full $1,500,000 off the asking. Justified?
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Flagship Wharf

197 8th Street, Boston, MA